Which type of Application we can build on vFlow?

What are the boundaries of vFlow? Can we develop complex Web Application on vFlow?

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Can you please mention the particular functions or features you want to make using vFlow?

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Boundaries of vFlow:

vFlow is very versatile platform. You should be able to create any app provided what your end goals are. For example,

  1. vFlow builds are typically large due to its low code nature. So you may consider this as a limitation in certain use cases.

  2. One such limitation is when you need to create a functionality which is not supported by the platform. For eg. server side pagination.

  3. Server side rendering is also not available.

  4. You cannot consume http requests having methods other than POST. (Largely due to vConnect)

  5. Limited components availability is also a problem.

  6. Dynamic router apis are also not supported.

If your design are not very strict and you are creating the whole app from scratch including the API’s, creating vflow apps should be comparatively easy than integrating with existing apis as this will require some change at back end that you may or may not want.