What is the use of isParent option in vFlow

What is the role of isParent checkbox in properties section of elements in fieldset?


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Is Parent property is used to create a parent-child relationship between the two or more elements.

  • This can be used in scenarios when the user wants to show the child element when any action is performed on the parent element.
  • When the event is performed on the parent element, the application resizes the parent element covering 50% of the component’s area and then displays the child element in the remaining 50% of the component’s area.
  • By this, total 100% of the component is covered with one parent and one or more child elements.

To configure this, follow the below steps:

Parent element configuration:

  1. Select the Is Parent checkbox in the Parent element’s Properties section.
  2. Set Laptop/Tab/Mobile width (eg. 100%) in the UI properties.

Child element configuration:

  1. Un-select the Is Visible checkbox of the Child element.
  2. Set Laptop/Tab/Mobile width (eg. 50%) in the UI properties.

Event to be added on parent element:

  1. Create an event containing a taskgroup with control visible and invoke tasks to visible the child element.

Parent element with 100% width:

Parent-Child elements covering 50% width each after OnInput event is performed:


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