What is the use of Dummy Code in Type and search in vFlow

There is an option in Fieldset in type and search element, dummy code, what is the role and configuration of that?


Dummy Code property is related to the Allow Text Field property in Type-and-search element.
Please refer below link to know more about Allow text field property:

The default behaviour of Type-and-search element is that when any value is selected from the dropdown it is saved as a code value pair in the path.

When we select the Allow Text Field property, the field acts as an input text field and as we do not select anything from the dropdown hence only value (string) will be saved on the data path so to provide code to that value and fulfil the default behaviour of the Type-and-search element the Dummy Code property is given. Any string can be entered in this field. If nothing is entered by default 01 will be assigned to the code.


Type-and-Search Element Configuration:

Here, the Type-and-search dropdown consists of 2 values as shown below
Screenshot from 2023-09-14 22-32-00

If the user wants to save any other value, they can type it in the field and a code mentioned in the Dummy code will be paired with the value.
Screenshot from 2023-09-14 22-31-42