What is the trade-off in performance from load times and user experience metrics of a Designer app where config is interpreted compared to same app developed on React or Flutter?

I was wondering what could be the performance impact Designer apps vs apps built on flutter?

As suggested by @lmehta

Please consider the following

The interpretation of the Config is “One Page” at a time and that too only UI elements are interpreted and the rest of the config like Events and BRE are for one event at a time. Given this the impact on user experience is None I believe.
One thing that impacts experience is Loading the Application vs loading the Config for Initial Load

  1. In case of an application code the Load is local is fairly efficient but if there too the Code needs to get some initial settings and data and the experience depends on this initial Load’s payload size
  2. In case of Config, the load involved getting Config on the device, this has various options (all may not be available in Vahana today) like
  • Pre Load the Config in APK/IPA
  • Load only part of the Config

So, the tradeoff between The User Experience and the Flexibility is in favour of flexibility and the experience is fairly manageable and is not impacted visibly