What is Sub Page and where it will be use?

What is Sub Page and where it will be use?

A sub-page is used to design a layout at the element level. You can add several components to a page such as form, tab, stepper, and others.

Designing a layout means that you are creating multiple sections in a page. These sections can include the left panel, middle section, top navigation panel, footer, etc.


When you design an application in the vFlow module, you can use a layout to define different sections in the page. These sections include left panel, top panel, footer, right panel, middle section, etc.

Adding layout to a page defines how the page is divided into different rows and columns. The layout’s design is completely dynamic, configurable, and customizable. Layout is a pattern (or framework) that defines a web application structure. In the layout, you can add multiple elements and components to impart functional behavior and navigation on the page.

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