What is meaning of Raise Event in Workflow

What does it mean to “Raise an Event” in a workflow, and how can I trigger an event from a mobile or Web application?

Can an event be related to a human task only, or can it also be something related to the code or system?

  1. Raising an Event in Workflow:

    -Definition: Raising an event means initiating the execution of predefined actions or tasks associated with a specific event in a workflow.

    • Execution: This is done through the event mapping module in the workflow manager, where events are configured and associated with corresponding tasks.
  2. Triggering an Event from a Mobile or Web Application:**

    • API Endpoint: To trigger an event externally, an API endpoint needs to be created in the Vconnect (or any other application integration platform).

    • API URL: The URL for triggering the event is typically structured as follows:


      Here, replace {host} and {port} with the actual host and port of your workflow manager.

    • Request Format: When triggering the event, a request needs to be sent to the above API endpoint. The request format is typically in JSON and includes relevant information about the event to be triggered.

    -Example Request:
    “eventCode”: “PRICING”,
    “refInput1”: “SUBMITTED_TO_UW”,
    “refInput2”: “UW”,
    “recordIdentifier1”: “SA_DIY_96391011011128213122646”,
    “recordIdentifier2”: “SH_296721010186346”,
    “recordIdentifier3”: “AOF_96711008333331646”,
    “remarks”: “”,
    “data”: {

    "loginId": ""


    This example includes essential parameters like event code, reference inputs, record identifiers, remarks, data payload, and login information.
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