What is LOV Management in Admin Portal?

What is LOV Management module in Admin Portal?

What are key features & benefits of using this module?

LOV Management is a module that centralizes the management of List of Values (LOVs) or dropdowns, simplifying the process of defining and organizing LOV groups, LOVs within a group, and their respective values. This module ensures that all your LOVs are maintained in a central location for easy management and quick updates.


  • Centralized LOVs: Manage all your LOV groups, individual LOVs, and their values in one central location, ensuring consistency across your applications.

  • LOV Hierarchy: Organize LOVs into groups and individual LOVs, allowing for structured and logical categorization.

  • Attribute Definition: Define attributes for each LOV value, tailoring the information to your specific needs.

  • CRUD Operations: Easily Create, Read, Update, and Delete LOV data, ensuring that your LOVs are always accurate and up-to-date.

  • Maker/Checker Concept: Implement a dual verification process to enhance data accuracy and security. One user proposes changes (Maker), while another reviews and approves them (Checker).

  • API Integration: Expose APIs to facilitate integration with other systems, allowing the use of this module’s functionality in various applications and workflows.

  • User-Friendly Interface: You don’t need to be a technical expert to manage all the details. It’s designed for non-technical users.


  • LOV Groups: Create and manage LOV groups for logical categorization of LOVs, simplifying the organization of your data.

  • Individual LOVs: Define and manage individual LOVs within groups, ensuring a structured approach to LOV management.

  • LOV Values: Add, edit, and update LOV values with ease, providing a flexible and dynamic way to maintain your dropdown options.

  • Attribute Definition: Customize attributes for each LOV value, tailoring the information to your specific requirements.

  • CRUD Operations: Perform a range of operations to Create, Read, Update, and Delete LOV data, keeping your LOVs in perfect order.

  • Maker/Checker Concept: Implement a dual-verification process to enhance data integrity and ensure that changes are reviewed and approved by multiple users.

  • API Integration: Expose APIs to enable other systems and applications to utilize the functionality of the LOV Management module, extending its usability to various use cases.