What is difference between vahana cloud and sandbox environment

Is vahana cloud and sandbox environment are the same things?

if No, then what are differences?

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Vahana Platform has two parts to it. It offers a Design Time Environmenet and a Run Time Environment(VRT)
The Design time is Vahana Cloud and the Run time is called VRT. The is done for the following reasons

It is important to make sure that Developers use Design Tools that are latest and are always kept up to date. It is required to contiuously upgrade and and fix issues in the Design Enviromment. That is why it hosted like any SaaS solution as one single deployment for all users.

On the other hand since we deal with enterprises, that are very sensitive about being in control of their data and applications. Banks and other enterprises are not very open to have their customer data or other data stored in CoLo mode and their applications are need to make sure that the data always has a passage way through their own infrastructure only. Thus VRT is deployed in a manner that allows complete control on data and applications

Now for developers to initially get started Vahana offers a default developer environmenet VRT and that developer VRT is called sandbox. Sandbox is like any other VRT just that it allows applications from any organization, workspace and/or team to be run in that VRT.

Many enteprises choose not to use sanbox as development VRT and choose to deploy their own instance of Development VRT.