What could be the possibilities and how to debug if my rest soap API is working independently but when I call it using vConnect Service then it throws 403 Forbidden request error?

I have a custom Rest API build using Spring boot microservice. Now when I am hitting that microservice directly it is working fine but when I am calling that rest API using vConnect Service then it is throwing 403 Forbidden request.

How can I debug these kind of issues and how to identify if issue is at configuration end or Microservice end or product end?


There could be multiple reason for this. I am giving you some hint.

  1. Please check the endpoint header parameter in both case direct and IGW and see if there is any difference in parameter value between them (mostly in user-agent, accept).
  2. Some API server having option to accept request without SSL/TLS handshake but some API server don’t. In this case we need to debug with IGW microservice and ask product for fix.
  3. Any api-key missing, not getting pass in header in case of IGW.
  4. If we have certificate based authentication with API provider, then currently its not supported by IGW.