What Changes need to done on the component or element level to apply br?

What changes must be done on the component or element level to apply bre?

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I am not able to understand your query here but

Business Rule (BR) can be applied to any component and the changes that you might need to do on component level is depends upon the type of BR you want to apply.

For e.g. If you want to enable / disable or hide/show any component depending on a BR, you might want to make that element by default disabled or hidden depending on a use case. It is a good idea because BR happens post page load and by default it is disabled till the time BR gets executed.

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There are multiple scenarios for BR.
For example - You want to navigate conditionally on another page with the click of a button

  1. Firstly you need to make a BR.
  2. Create a taskgroup select the navigation task and bind that br into the navigation task.
  3. Create an event and bind that taskgroup into the event.
  4. Now bind that event to the button.

Now you can navigate conditionally on another page when that condition is true


br are used to apply conditions.
steps are.)
1.) Add br as your condition. syntax is getVal(“”)
2.) map that br into taskgroup
3.) map that taskgroup into event.
4.) map that event into component or element.

br>taskgroup>event>component or element.