What are the Tech Stack of VRT?

What are the Tech Stack of VRT?


Components Used In Application Architecture

Components are divided in major parts of complete stack,

Application Stack (REST based Spring boot components)

Micro-service Name Port Context Path Description
1 admin-server 9015 /admin-server registers all the micro api services and manage there status (UP or Down)
2 api-gateway 9000 /router api-gateway works as a router for other micro services
3 authentication 9013 /authentication- service authenticate’s the user
4 dbes 9007 /dbes database execution service connects with the db and makes call for functions and procedures
5 discovery-api 8761 /eureka
6 esb 9004 /esb enterprise service bus to call services like igw, lambda,dbes etc
7 igw 9008 /igw makes call to 3rd party api’s
8 lambda 9011 /script-executor custom functionality
9 api-security 9002 /api-security security patches to authenticate the flow
10 execution-sync- engine 9001 /execution-sync- engine sync’s configuration environments config to redis

Web Application Stack (These are used for Log Debugging and Monitoring Alerts)

Micro-service Name Port Context Path Description
1 Kibana 5601 /
2 admin-server 9015 /admin-server
3 Grafana 3000 /

Above are VRT component/Services not the tech stack.

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Hi Below is the tech stack at high level


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Hi Radhika,

Do we use Kibana ?
Because we check logs in vLogs and Kibana connects to Elasticsearch to visualize the logs. It is not of use from business perspective.

So, can you please check and update it here.
Thanks in advance !

Dilip Vishwakarma