What are the steps to configure a Complex request in Request transformation?

what are steps follow to configure a complex request in Request transformation ?

Hi @Parul.mogha, initial on, you can refer to this post for a better understanding of this parameter:

Configuration of a complex request is completely dependent on your use case. You can provide a template language like FTL here. FTL, or FreeMarker Template Language, is used for generating text output based on templates.

For example, the template that I have shared below was used for creating a JSON structure:

Putting it all together, the template generates a JSON object with three properties: fileReturnType , idList , and expiryTime . The idList is an array of dmsId values extracted from the idList collection.

This is how you can use the Complex Request property to define a template that will convert the non-JSON format into the JSON data format.


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