What are events in Event Master & Event Mapping in workflow module?

What are events in Event Master module?
What type of events should be configured here?
What will happen on raise of a event?

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In a workflow module, an Event Master is a component that oversees a master list of events, which are significant occurrences or triggers within a business process.

Events are typically used to kickstart specific actions within the workflow. These events act as catalysts for moving the workflow forward and can trigger the execution of tasks or update the status of any tasks defined in the Task Master.

The occurrence of an event from any system (Mobile app, Web App, Server Side) plays a crucial role in defining the actions to be taken in response when that event happens.

Here are some examples:


Actions based on these events could be:

  • When OTP_VERIFIED occurs, set the status of the task MOBILE_VERIFICATION to SUCCESS.
  • If PAYMENT_SUCCESS happens, update the status of the task MEMBERSHIP_STATUS to ON.
  • When there’s a FIRST_LOGIN event, adjust the status of the task SIGNUP_OFFER to SHOW.