What are events in a workflow?

Explain events in workflow.

Events are actions, triggers, or external inputs that can initiate changes in the workflow.

They include specific occurrences that influence the progression or state of the workflow.
Identifying all relevant events helps ensure comprehensive workflow management and responsiveness to external factors.

For example:
Consider the task “NAME_MATCH.” If the name match is less than 90%, it will be approved by the BOM, and if it is BOM approved, then DVU will approve it.

To meet this, there will be three tasks: “NAME_MATCH” with statuses [SUCCESS, PARTIAL_MATCH], “NAME_MATCH_BOM” with statuses [PENDING, WIP, APPROVED, REJECTED], and “NAME_MATCH_DVU” with statuses [PENDING, WIP, APPROVED, REJECTED]. Here, two new tasks are created because the role is changing.