What are entities in the BFSI Connector?

What are entities in the BFSI Connector?

There are five entities in BFSI Connector which are useful for users to save segregated data accordingly.

These are :


This entity is used to store the information related to Lead such as the User Name, contact details etc. Lead is the direct communicating person with whom the bank will directly connect before converting that lead.

Business Entities

The entity is the organization or the company for which the account has
to be opened. It stores the basic details of the entity like its name, contact details, PAN
of the organization .


  • Stakeholders is an array that stores the information of all the persons involved directly or indirectly in the opening of an account like nominees, guardians, and primary/secondary account holders.

  • Persons who can be potential customers of the bank like family members or the stakeholders in the organization can be stored in this array as an object.

  • Stakeholder object consists of the complete detail of that stakeholder.


  • AOF stands for account opening form which contains the details related to the account that is being opened with the bank like the primary/secondary holder(s) of the account.

  • AOFS is an array which consists of multiple AOF where every AOF is a
    different account opening form.

Custom Entity

If the user needs to store data which is not best fitting in above mentioned entities or have any other custom data then it can be stored in this custom entity.