Vmonitoring Issue

When accessing the Vmonitoring Dashboard in the VRT Portal, we encounter the following error in the logs. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

–Broken pipe issue


Hi Harsh,

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This error usually occurs when the service gets stopped abruptly. Which means it could be crashing for a particular scenario.

Will request you to raise a request to infra team to check configuration for your vMonitor.

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Hi ,

I am from Infra Team also and services is perfectly working . and configuration is also same as the Sandbox environment



Services are running but when you receive any request then it is failing to serve.

Please compare the application properties with other services

Check for
db configuration

Restart vMonitor show share the starting logs

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Hi @All ,
The root cause was that sync-engine was closing the http response before sending it completely.

We need to put the #feign properties in the sync-engine application.properties and increase the read timeout and connect timeout parameters.

feign.httpclient.maxConnections= 10
feign.httpclient.maxConnectionsPerRoute = 5
feign.client.config.default.connectTimeout= 30000
feign.client.config.default.readTimeout= 30000