View sync Details Task in vDesigner 1.0

What is View Sync details task in vDesigner 1.0 and how to use it?

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In order to view the details of sync, you can view it in sync detail section where you can see the version which is deployed of the screen i.e last version and updated version , you can also view it according to module wise


Thanks Bhavya, In addition to above explanation below are the steps to apply the task:
==> Go to Events/ actions on any element
==> Select the event
==> Select the View Sync details task and that’s it.

This task basically shows the status of all the business objects, but you can’t check the object here you can just check the pending count here and trigger the sync for that specific module like images, lov’s, BO and Configuration on which mobile application works.
Here you will see the options for both inbound and outbound sync.

Below is the screenshot for reference.

Check the official documentation below: