Video Recorder in vDesigner 1.0

Is there any provision to record video and how to use it in vDeisgner 1.0?

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Yes, it is available. Below is the documentation for the same.

This is a document for configuration of video recorder element in vDesigner.

Video recorder element is found in custom elements.

Configuration fields and their use.

  • Label is the same as other controls.
  • Absolute Json Path - You can enter path where video captured name is stored.
  • Doc Bundle Attr Id - Used for document manager.Fill it if you use document manager.
  • Video Destination- Only Document is supported.File Path is stored in db and you can use document manager to upload it to server.
  • Min Duration(Seconds) - This is minimum video recording length in seconds. You won’t be able to save video if video is shorter than min duration.
  • Max Duration(Seconds) - This is maximum video recording length in seconds. Video will be saved when this time is reached automatically.
  • Enable Torch - This is a option to enable torch in your device if it have a flash.

On- Flash will always be on as soon as you are in camera screen.

Off- Flash will always be off as soon as you are in camera screen.

Both- An icon will show in the top right of screen . User can on/off torch by clicking it.

  • Camera Facing - This is used for selecting front/rear camera

Front- If this option is selected, User can only choose the front camera.

Back- if this option is selected, User can only choose the back camera.

Both- An icon is shown in the bottom right of screen.User can switch the camera by clicking it.

  • Enable Zoom- This option is used to enable disable zoom in camera. You can use pinch to zoom.
  • Video Quality- This option defines the size and quality of your video capture.

Options and their size per minute.

  1. Sd low -5.1mb/min, resolution 180*360

  2. Sd High-12.8mb/min, resolution 360*640

  3. Hd(720p)-25.8mb/min(not available on all devices), resolution 720*1280

  4. Hd(1080p)-60 mb/min(not available on all devices), resolution 1080*1920

Steps for Capturing Video in Mobile

  1. Click on video recorder control.
  2. Click on the play button. which is in the center of the screen bottom.
  3. Video Will Start recording.
  4. Click on this button again to stop.You won’t be able to stop it if min time is not achieved.
  5. Timer color will be red if the timer is under minimum time, which is set on vDesigner configuration.
  6. If no minimum time is set or minimum time is reached you can stop the video.
  7. After that video is saved. And a gallery image is visible in the left bottom of the camera screen immediately.
  8. Click on it to preview the captured video.Video player screen is opened.
  9. Play the video by clicking on the play button in the video player screen.
  10. You can delete the saved video if you want.By clicking the delete icon on top of the video player screen.
  11. Press the back button and you will reach the video recorder screen.
  12. Press again and video will be saved in the app database.
  13. Click again to edit the saved data.


@tushar.jain How does it connect to the Database & store the data?
Also, in what format is the video data stored?
FYI @rahul.patel


@VivekBhardwaj : It will use the DMS to store the video and will save the reference id (document id) in JSON path in local database.
Currently it only supports MP4 format.