vFlow table not refreshing on deletion of row

My data table is not getting refreshed post deletion of any records. In vLog I am able to see that the API has executed successfully.

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Firstly, We need to Configure an API and Event for this

  1. Create a new API in vConnect.
  2. Under Tab End Point details → Create Environment.
  3. Check Method as DELETE.
  4. Provide the required params.
  5. Submit the API.
  6. Export this as a Service.
  7. Sync from the release manager.

Now, We will use the API , DELETE_OBJECT and INVOKE_ENTITY task for this.

  1. Add new Task Group.
  2. Select API task [Task 1] within it. Provide Name and other required fields.
  3. In configuration section: Provide required key names and Data paths.
  4. Select DELETE_OBJECT Task [TASK2] within same task group.
  5. In configuration section: Provide Data path.
  6. Select INVOKE_ENTITY Task [TASK3] within same task group.
  7. In configuration section: Check in the box of “Current page refresh.”
  8. Create an on click Event.
  9. Lastly, map this event to the required screen.
  10. Publish and sync.
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