vFlow Continuous Enhancement (Release

Multi Media Uploader Enhancement

Problem Statement : Users were unable to display a confirmation popup when deleting documents.

Feature: Users can now configure whether to enable or disable the confirmation popup. Additionally, users have the option to customize the message for the confirmation popup.

Download Excel Task Enhancement

Problem Statement : Users were restricted to downloading files only in the .xlsx format.

Feature : Users now have the flexibility to choose between the .xlxs (Excel spreadsheet) and .xlxb (Excel binary workbook) formats when downloading files via the Download Excel Task. It’s worth noting that the .xlxb format is optimized to minimize file size while preserving data integrity.

Capture Current Location Task

Problem Statement : The application was unable to capture the current location of the user.

Feature :The new CAPTURE_CURRENT_LOCATION task has been introduced. Users can simply specify the desired path for capturing the current location of the application user. This feature will output the current longitude and latitude at the specified path.

Group Element Support Inside Accordion

Feature :Users now have the capability to use Group elements within the accordion, allowing them to craft intricate and visually captivating designs. This empowers users to organize and structure content more effectively, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of their designs.

Bug Fixes

Sr No DVES Ticket ID Bug Details
1 DVES-14431 Fixed issue where Document Popup window and full screen opened simultaneously.
2 DVES-14482 Resolved inability to upload Excel Documents after deleting existing ones.
3 DVES-15477 Fixed issue with Type and search element.
4 DVES-16294 Restored Tab functionality in AU AGENCY build.
5 NA Corrected Popup header and footer display issue.
6 DVES-17159 Fixed Loading popup malfunction.
7 DVES-17672 Checkbox event condition handling improved.
8 NA Mappings are now properly deleted upon deleting a Page or Form.