vDesigner/vConnect Session Issue in OTP based Login

  1. I have created a vDesigner App and Having OTP based Login (with Is Multiple Session Allowed = N.).

  2. I Login in DEVICE_1 with OTP and its success(AUTH success) and able to see dashboard.

  3. Next, I open the same app with another DEVICE_2 after OTP authentication(AUTH success), Now Its show a pop-up like “Want to kill the existing session”.

  4. If I press the OK then it will call AUTH service again, and it will give error because otp is already validated in step 3.

Ideally it should not call AUTH again because authentication is already done, just kill the existing session and create new session with new deviceId.

@DebugHorror @Vikas_Dhillon


For this Use case(OTP authentication), You have to enable force login/disable the popup. By using this mechanism user will not be able to see that popup and system will by default kill its previous session and let him login on new device. Check the screenshots below for how to enable force login. Go to Environment variable and then put Y in the variable value for each environment