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What’s New in Vahana Cloud?

Download Bundle

Problem Statement : Users are unable to download the bundle directly from the platform. Instead, they must submit a request through the support portal to obtain the bundle, leading to potential delays and increased effort for both users and support staff.

Solution : To address this issue, we have introduced a new feature, “Android Bundle,” to the Vahana Cloud Download Module. With this feature, users can now directly download either the Android Bundle or APK from the platform without needing to go through the support portal. This enhancement streamlines the download process, reduces wait times, and improves user satisfaction.

Password Policy Change

Vahana has updated its “Password Policy” to enhance security and manage inactive users. Passwords will now automatically expire after 45 days, requiring users to reset their passwords. This change helps identify and remove users who are not actively using the platform.

Bug Fixes

Vahana Cloud Fixes

  • Fixed the multiple issues of config management.
  • Fixed the preference corrupted issue when multiple environments were opened.
  • Fixed the issue where the user was not able to change the role of his team.

Developer Portal Fixes

  • Give an option for L1 support Email Id for contact to support team.

Great feature Vikas! This will surely help in ruding time.

What is the difference between Bundle and APK?

  • APK is the traditional package for distributing and installing Android apps, containing everything needed within a single file.
  • Bundle: It’s more efficient publishing format that allows Google Play to generate optimized APKs for different device configurations, reducing app size and download times for users.
  1. Will there be any difference in the build size for both APK and Bundle if I select the “Embed Configuration with Build” option in the “Build Settings?”
  2. Will the app size optimization be influenced by selecting “Embed Configuration with Build” if we choose Bundle?
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  1. Apk and Bundle sizes are the same.
  2. No.
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