Vahana Release - &

What’s New in vConnect?

Tech Upgrade: Java 17, Spring Boot 3.1, Vahana 1 Cloud

Performance and Security improvements:

  • Java 17: Compared to Java 11, 8.66% and 6.54% faster when using the G1GC (default garbage collector) and the ParallelGC (Parallel Garbage Collector) respectively. The Parallel Garbage Collector, introduced in Java 17, shows a notable 16.39% speed enhancement compared to the G1 Garbage Collector utilized in Java 11.

  • Spring Boot 3.1: Centralized and expanded configuration of SSL trust material for connections; Simplified configuration of Testcontainers in integration tests; Auto-configuration for Spring Authorization Server

Backward Compatibility Support for Log Analytics On Vahana 1.1

In vConnect, backward compatibility support has been provided for Log Analytics on Vahana 1.1

Enable vLogs for syncing configuration to client VRT

An enhancement has been made in vLogs for viewing logs related to syncing configuration to client VRT. These can be used to identify problems like Cloud slowness, Web problems, VRT slowness etc.

Vulnerability Fixes

As part of this release, we have removed ~260 code vulnerabilities and cleaned up properties to improve application security.

JSON Response Support for Database API

It is now possible to get DB API responses directly in JSON format (along with the existing stringified JSON format). This can be achieved by using Execution Type “FunctionV2” in the Database API configuration under API Management.

Fig 1: This figure shows FunctionV2 configuration

Bug Fixes

Standard response is provided now for Query Execution Type API (QueryV2) in DBES Module