Vahana Release

4th Match 2024

Disconnect Middleware

Problem Statement : Users need to raise a request to disconnect the middleware linked to the JIRA process, and this procedure was time-consuming

Solution : We have simplified the procedure for disconnecting the middleware, with two distinct scenarios outlined below:

  • If the admin is the same for both the frontend and middleware, disconnection can be directly initiated with a confirmation popup.
  • If the admin differs between the frontend and middleware, users are required to confirm disconnection from both ends.

Delete Application

Problem Statement : Users don’t have the option to delete the application from frontend.

Solution : The delete application feature will be available to Account Owners, Workspace Owners, and Workspace Admins. Users can delete applications with two-step authentication.

Branch Process Restrictions

Problem Statement : Users today can map any branch to any environment which may result in errors. T.

Solution: Environment type has been introduced in Middelware Portal where users can define the Environment types as Dev, Test or Prod. Based on the market standards and ongoing projects, we have implemented the following restriction wrt to branches and their mapping on environment types:

  • Only the release and master branches are permitted to be mapped to the production environment.
  • Users retain the flexibility to map any branch to the development and testing environments.

Sync UI/ Deployment History

Problem Statement: Users were unable to view the latest changes deployed on the environment. They were also not able to check the mapped history of the branch in config management.


  • We have implemented a view that allows users to observe their deployments and the deployed components in the sync module.
    • They can monitor the deployment status, whether it is successful or failed.
    • Additionally, users now have access to an overall view that displays all components deployed in the environment.
  • We have introduced a deployment timeline view for a branch within the deployment history tab of the Confi Management Page.

Note: The deployment details earlier to the release date(1/March/2023) will not be visible in the History section. To view the deployment history, you must commit changes from the vDesigner.

Single Sign On(SSO)

Problem Statement: Users had to sign in to two separate portals to access the middleware, which was part of their user journey.

Solution: Vahana has integrated the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. Users will now be automatically signed into their middleware portal, eliminating the need for users to sign in to two different portals when accessing the same middleware account for their frontend application.

Note : Vahana added the “config Management” link in the Micro App Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

Vahana Cloud Fixes

  • Implemented highlighting of the Password input field in red when incorrect input is provided.
  • Spaces are now properly trimmed on the workspace level.
  • Implemented a fix to properly trim spaces in the mention search bar for security, Workspace home, and workspace dropdown.
  • Implemented a fix to display tags and descriptions properly in the app preview during search filtering.
  • Improved the UI for the environment filter section to enhance usability and appearance in the Downloads.
  • Fixed the spelling error in the popup message of multilingual de-registration.
  • ​​The issue has been fixed, and now the name field will correctly enforce the character limit of 160 characters for builds.
  • The issue has been fixed, and now the correct org ID and App ID are displayed for each respective app on Vahana1.
  • Fixed the edit workspace journey issues.
  • Fixed the issue where search functionality works by tag but not with description.

Config Management Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “Branch Delete Successfully” pop-up message was not appearing upon branch deletion.
  • Resolved an issue with the boundary line display on the Merge History screen, and improved zoom-in/zoom-out controls for better user experience.
  • Removed unnecessary component sections that were appearing in the Config Branch Management.
  • Fixed an issue where one tab functionality was not working properly from the Config Management page.
  • Removed the sorting option from the application dashboard page of Config management.

Asset Manager Fixes

  • Fixed Asset Manager to allow uploading assets with names containing only special characters.
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