Vahana Release -

Vahana Cloud Experience

Vahana Cloud One Tab Per Tool for Designer 2.0 Portal

The key enhancement is the introduction of a tab management system that limits the number of active tabs. Instead of overwhelming users with multiple open tabs, the platform will now automatically open a single tab for each tool based on the context of its use. For instance, regardless of the tools they access, users will have only one active tab for Designer, one for Data Modeler, and one for Design Systems, among others.

We believe that these changes will significantly improve your experience with Vahana Cloud Platform and make it more efficient and user-friendly."

Vahana Cloud Email Notifications

We have made improvements in the Email Notifications for the users to keep them informed about the latest progress of their request for Demo.

Bug Fixes

Vahana Cloud

Request for Demo

  • The HTML issue in form submission buttons has been resolved.

Frontend Portal

  • The URLs for CUG workspace switch iframe have been corrected.

Middleware Portal

  • The UI issue with the delete pop-up window in vConnect has been fixed.
  • The “Terms of Service” text is now center bottom aligned on the CUG middleware login portal.
  • The search bar is now functioning correctly at the user IAM user list level.

Application Dashboard

  • The error message no longer appears when providing an app name in web build settings.
  • The MicroApp logo on the Application Dashboard Page updates correctly after a custom upload.