Vahana Release -

What’s New in vDesigner 2.0 Elements Panel?


In vDesigner 2.0, we are excited to introduce the all-new 3X3 grid panel within the Elements Panel. This enhancement is centered around UX design, utilizing icons to enhance the user experience by improving:

  • Element Identification
  • Visual Feedback
  • Contextual Information
  • Consistency and Clarity
  • Usability

Fig: This figure represents the 3x3 grid Elements panel with enhanced Icons.

Bug Fixes

Designer 2.0

Vahana Cloud

  • Fixed the issue of resending the request, once the application is rejected.
  • Fixed the issue where users are not able to add more than 200 characters in description.
  • Removed the teams tabs under the account management page.


  • Fixed the element’s placement issue on the canvas when no space is available.
  • Fixed the canvas stability issue after refreshing and syncing the vDesigner.

Data Modeler

  • Fixed the issue where the user was not able to save Data Modeler with same name but different data type


  • Fixed the issue of decreasing the size of the card element and layout containers with respect to the elements dropped inside it.
  • Fixed the invisibility issue of text element after applying the margin beyond the expected limit.
  • Fixed the dropping issue for the two image and text elements together inside the footer and header elements after applying the padding from the margin.
  • Fixed the background color issue of the card element if the character is entered in the Image URL field by the user.
  • Removed the element’s alignment property for the header and footer element.
  • Fixed the button caption issue after searching the invalid fonts from the property panel.
  • Fixed the issue of entering a single character or digit inside the label of the text element.
  • Fixed the overlapping issue of the button element after adjusting height/ width.
  • Fixed the property panels flickering issue for the container element’s after copy pasting them