Vahana Release

11th December 2023

Default visibility of elements on the page

Problem Statement : Users don’t have access to invisible/disable the elements through the property panel instead to achieve the use case they need to add the task.

Solution : Now, there will be parameters to add BR for enable/visible property on the all elements property panel. This field will allow the user to select the BR’s which are available in the BR library.

Therefore, Conditions under Enable/visible property allows users to control the display of elements based on certain conditions or criteria.

Display Message Task Enhancement

Problem Statement : Display message was not saving the configuration on the designer side also, users were not able to add dynamic messages.

Solution : Display messages will have a smart selector to add dynamic messages. Now, users can add icons for the messages through URL and icon library, also the overall journey of creating and editing the display message card has been improved.

Data Masking

Problem Statement : Users were not able to mask the data, so we are implementing Data Masking for all List of Values (LOV) elements.

Solution : Data masking functionality is now implemented for all List of Values (LOV) elements, and it will mask all LOVs based on selected data masking conditions.

BR Menu on L1

Problem Statement: Users were only able to define and maintain Business Rules (BRs) from inside the tasks. However, as BRs are at the app level, there should be an option to manage BRs at the app level.

Solution: BRs are now accessible from the L1 menu. Users can create new BRs, update, and delete existing BRs. Please note that a BR can only be deleted if there are no references attached to it.

Array Functions Phase 1

Problem Statement: Array functions were not available to users in Designer 2.0.

Solution: We have now introduced Array functions, allowing users to manipulate data on the frontend. In phase 1 of array functions, we have incorporated Search, Filter, Find, and Sort functions. Moving forward, additional functions will be introduced to enable users to manipulate data within the array.

Bug Fixes

Designer 2.0

Events & Tasks

  • Cross/Cancel functionality has been restored in the copy data task.
  • The Delay task now handles long numeric values correctly in the Time (secs) field.
  • Enable/Disable task now functions properly for Layout Elements.
  • The app now redirects to the next page after applying the finish task.

Themes & Styles

  • The theme’s page padding now accurately reflects on vDesigner.


  • The accordion feature is now functioning properly.


  • Vertical list no longer breaks in preview and build even if its width is reduced.

Multiselect Dropdown

  • Multiselect dropdown borders are now visible in the preview.

Radial Progress Bar

  • Radial Progress Bar now accepts values beyond a single character.


  • Button width can be successfully set to 8.5%.


  • The “Enable Active Fill” checkbox property works as expected for the OTP element, even when the checkbox is not true.
  • Border Radius now works as intended for the OTP element.

Linear Progress Bar

  • Validations for Linear Progress Bar’s Bar Length have been fixed.


  • The Image Element is now visible in the preview.

Designer Functionality

  • Validations for Row/Column image URLs (Background) have been rectified.
  • Error messages are now appropriately displayed for invalid image URLs in columns and stack elements.
  • In CUGv2, the ‘Finish Task’ explanation is now available on clicking ‘Know more.’
  • Cards in the mobile build no longer overflows outside the screen.
  • After creating a login page, the ‘Private page’ option is no longer visible in the property panel.

Thanks, @Jay_Sharma for detailing each point.

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