Vahana Release -

Vahana Release

05th August 2023

What’s New?

● Login Page Improvements

The Vahana Login Page has been updated to include validation that prevents multiple requests for Demos & Account creation.

● Selection of Task and UI Enhancement

Users can effortlessly add tasks by clicking on the task in the vDesigner Task Panel. Additionally, in the Execution Panel, drag-and-drop placeholder text is now prominently displayed to the user, ensuring task ordering is managed effectively.

● Workspace L1 menu

Enhance the user experience by improving the information hierarchy in Account Management, streamlining the workspace invite flow, and enabling users to remove and update members of a workspace.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the element’s disappearance when the user right-clicks on the row/column that has been placed on the stack.

  2. Fixed the Redo functionality for certain scenarios.

  3. Fixed the width of the fab element when the user sets the width manually.

  4. Fixed the issue where the width of elements in the stack is not adjusting automatically.

  5. Fixed the issue where the Stack’s card is draggable.

  6. Fixed the messaging alert when elements are resized below the minimum width.

  7. Fixed the position of elements; they should not change if the user tries to drop elements when no space is available.

  8. Fixed the anchor points of the color palettes under the theme & styles editor window.

  9. Fixed the presence of List and grid list elements in the style editor window.

  10. Fixed the visibility of the OTP element on preview.

  11. Fixed the visibility of LOV seekbar element’s colors and tooltip on iOS Build.

  12. Fixed the issue where long content for the enumerations was not working.

  13. Fixed the long-press event on the Icon element.

  14. Fixed the issue where use was not able to open Force Logout Module on middelware

  15. Fixed the camera task to save multiple images.

  16. Fixed the Operators’ visibility in the “GetEnumsObj”.

  17. Fixed the “404 not found” message when the user opens the middleware from the vDesigner, themes, and data modeler tabs.

  18. Fixed the global search functionality under Entity editor in Data Modeler.

  19. Fixed the date-time format in Date-time functions.

  20. Fixed the issue on web/mobile build while copy/pasting the content in the label/caption of the element remains unchanged on build

  21. Fixed the List data type entity from the data tree of the file path field in the file picker task.

  22. Fixed the UI issue of the Visible/Invisible task.

  23. Fixed the “GetEnumsObj” & “Datetime” function issues.

  24. Fixed the mandatory symbol of the button’s color field disappearing if the user edits or removes the hex code.

  25. Fixed the theme search field icon.

  26. Fixed the UI Issue for configuring the Service task.

  27. Fixed the issue where user was able to create duplicateBR’s & Display Message task.

  28. Fixed the text element that becomes invisible when minimized through the canvas.

  29. Fixed the text element that becomes invisible on the canvas when the size is increased to 50px or above.

  30. Fixed the width of the button in the header.

  31. Fixed the placement issues of elements on the canvas.

  32. Fixed the open web task.

  33. Fixed the star element alignment issues.

  34. Fixed the radial progress bar issues.

  35. Fixed the visible tasks issue on the nested card.

  36. Fixed the issue where the Input Field was retaining the input type validation after modifying the input type.

  37. Fixed the image default size issue inside layouts

  38. Fixed the issue where Property panel’s unsaved parameter were not getting cleared on page refresh.

  39. Fixed the issues where element were not getting saving if the user renames the page.

  40. Fixed the issue where Text element’s width and height was not adjusting automatically if its parent size is increased.

  41. Fixed the visibility of Complex Entity paths in the property panel.

  42. Fixed the scroll bar in the alignment field of the property panel.

  43. Fixed the issue where text element was overflowing outside the canvas and its parent container if the text height is increased manually through the canvas.


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