Vahana Release

Vahana Release

10th July 2023

What’s New?

  • Line Height & Letter Spacing Properties in Designer 2.0

With Line Spacing, users now have greater control over the vertical distance between lines of text, allowing for enhanced readability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the introduction of Letter Spacing enables users to modify the horizontal spacing between individual letters, resulting in improved legibility and customization options.

  • Icon Library Integration for Elements in Designer 2.0

Material Icon library is now integrated with elements other than Icon, providing users with a vast collection of high-quality icons to enhance their applications. Users now have easy access to a comprehensive set of icons that are not only visually appealing but also universally recognized.

  • Asset Manager Improvements for Designer 2.0

Uploading speed of assets has been improved significantly. Additionally, we have implemented a new feature that allows users to conveniently track the progress of asset uploads. Furthermore, we have diligently addressed and resolved some minor issues in the asset manager, enhancing its overall functionality and stability.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Text elements validations (Designer 2.0).
  2. Fixed Reset Task for Range Seekbar (Designer 2.0).
  3. Fixed Reset Task for LOV Seekbar (Designer 2.0).
  4. Fixed BR save journey when BRs have values with array index (Designer 2.0).
  5. Time Picker’s label field is now non-mandatory (Designer 2.0).
  6. Fixed the issue where the user was unable to change the page’s background color (Designer 2.0).
  7. Fixed the issue where text shifted to the left when the size and bold fields were blank (Designer 2.0).
  8. Fixed an issue where the user was unable to save BR (Designer 2.0).
  9. Removed Virtual/Real Stack Type from Stack (Designer 2.0).
  10. Fixed Stack Padding UI issue in the Property Panel (Designer 2.0).
  11. Fixed Stack Hex Code UI Issue in the Property Panel (Designer 2.0).
  12. Fixed an issue where the user was unable to save large JSON files in the Data Modeler (Designer 2.0).

Known Issues

  1. Element Property Panel becomes scrollable when selection icons with long names (Icon Library Integration)
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