Use of Message Master or messages in Vahana

In both mobile and web applications, as well as on the server side, it’s important to define/configure messages. These messages are defined across various modules. How can I determine which messages should be defined in which module?

Is there any central module where I can define messages at one place?

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Yes, For that Message Master is the module available in Vahana.
Which allows us to define/configure messages.

To configure a message, we need to follow certain steps:

  1. Go to Message master module.
  2. You will get some pre configured messages.
  3. Otherwise, Click on ‘Add Message’.
  4. Write ‘Message Code’ and ‘Message Content’ accordingly.
  5. Can select the type: such as ‘Informative’ , ’ Warning’, ‘Error’.
  6. Click on add. Submit it.
  7. Then you can use it in any other module for validations and etc.