Updating multiple task status in workflow on the basis single event

On the basis of a single event, we want to update status of multiple tasks for that case. Is that possible?

For example. In a loan processing workflow, can you update the status of multiple data sources to “Work in Progress (WIP)” based on a single event when a loan application is submitted?

When a loan application is submitted, it triggers a single event. This event should automatically pull data from various sources, including credit reports, income verification, and background checks, the status of each task i.e data source should be updated to "Work in Progress (WIP) in workflow module. Can this automation be achieved within a single event, and how would can we configure it in workflow module?

Absolutely! The event mapping module in the workflow manager allows you to streamline and automate the process of updating multiple tasks with a single event.

We can add multiple tasks that you want to execute when the specified event occurs. These tasks are essentially the actions or operations that you want to perform.

For each task added to the event, you define what action it should take.As each task executes, it updates the status in the database according to the defined actions.