To restrict a date picker from accepting inputs beyond 30 days from the current date

I need guidance on how to sets up the date picker to allow only dates within the next 30 days from the current date.

  1. Drag and Drop Date Picker Element:
  • Drag and drop the Date Picker element onto your canvas where you want it to appear.
  1. Set End Date Type as Dynamic:
  • Select or click on the Date Picker element that you’ve placed on the canvas.
  • Look for the properties related to the Date Picker element.
  • Find the option for “End Date Type”.
  • Set the “End Date Type” option to “Dynamic”.
  1. Set End Date Path:
  • After setting the “End Date Type” to “Dynamic”, look for the option to set the “End Date Path”.
  • Provide the function DATE(STATIC(30D,String)) as the value for the “End Date Path”.


  1. Apply Changes:
  • Once you’ve set the “End Date Path”, apply the changes within the properties or settings panel of the Date Picker element.
  1. Save Changes:
  • Save the changes made to the Date Picker element and any associated configurations.
  1. Commit Changes:
  • Commit the changes to the Date Picker element and any associated configurations to make them permanent.
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thanks for the reply. It helped me a lot.