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what is user session and application session expiry in security access policy?

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This Session should serve the purpose…it is detailed session that will cover lots of other stuff as well.

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What is a Session? A session is like a special time window when you use an app or website. Think of it as a secret code between you and the system. Once you share the code, both you and the system recognize each other for a while. But, this recognition only lasts for a certain time. After that, either you or the system might forget the code, and you need to share it again to keep interacting.

Now, let’s talk about different types of sessions:

User Session and User Session Expiry: When you are the main player (User) and you are interacting with something like a mobile app, a website, or any other system (like a server or another app), that special time window is called your User Session. The User Session Expiry is just the time limit for how long that recognition lasts.

Application Session and Application Session Expiry: When a mobile app or a website (like a game or a portal) is working with another system (like a server or some other external app), their special interaction time is called an Application Session. The Application Session Expiry is the limit on how long this recognition between the app and the server lasts.