Role of Onload Disable task/event?

What is the role of onload disable task and how can we configure it, what are its applications??


OnLoad Disable task is used when the user wants to enable/ disable a particular entity (Component/Element) based on some conditions (BR rules) when that entity loads.
This task can be used on Button element of Table component, FV template 4, Header entity and Queue elements.


@ShraddhaDhoke Could you pls help us how can we configure this task?


@aakriti.kamboj To configure this task,

  1. Go to the Taskgroup section and select ONLOAD_DISABLE task.
  2. Add a BR in this task and submit the task and the taskgroup.
  3. Then create an Event of Type “On Load Disable” and bind the Taskgroup in it.
  4. Bind this event on the element on which this action needs to be performed.

This will enable/ disable the elements based on the BR condition whenever the element loads on the page.