Restrict Date Picker to Current Date in Designer v2

Is there any way we can restrict a the date picker to select only current date or a workaround regarding this?

@Ritik_Dixit could you help me regarding this, thanks!

Sure, here are step-by-step instructions for the configuration:

  1. Click and hold the datepicker element, then drag it onto the canvas where you want it to appear.

  2. Once the datepicker is placed on the canvas, navigate to the properties section in the datepicker element.

  3. Within the properties section, locate the option for “Start date type” and select “Dynamic” in this panel.

  4. After selecting “Dynamic” for the Start date type, you’ll need to specify the date function to use. Enter the following expression: Date(STATIC(0D,string)).

  5. Next, locate the option for setting the “End date type” within the properties section. Choose “Dynamic” from the dropdown menu, similar to the Start date type configuration.

  6. After selecting “Dynamic” for the End date type, input the same date function as before: Date(STATIC(0D,string)).

  7. Finally, save your work or apply the changes to see the updated configuration of the datepicker element on your canvas.

Your output will look like this:
Screenshot from 2024-04-18 15-02-29

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Interesting, thanks!