Request scope is invalid

I have create a new vConnect Service and Getting below error while calling from Web/Mobile Application.

{    "errorHint": "It seems that service scope is configured as SECURE but it is called as OPEN for [null-null-VALIDATE_CONSENT_LINK]",    
      "errorType": "VALIDATION", 
      "message": "Request scope is invalid",    "status": "528"}

There are 3 different types of scopes available for a vConnect service, details about them is mentioned in below link:

In your case, it seems you are trying to call a service without a user session or using a service which is using java code.
So, you will have to change the scope of that service in vConnect from “User level session” to “Device level session” or “Without session” if there is no session being managed.


Follow below steps to change the scope: