Regarding Co-browsing functionality

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Are we using Co-browsing functionality in any project?

Kindly help if anyone knows about it.


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Kindly explain what do you mean by the co browsing functionality?

It will help us to give you more effective solution. Thanks.


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Co-browsing used by customer support agents to collaborate with the customer’s browser in real time. In our Yes Bank Credit Card solution, Bank wants co-browsing functionality in the solution so that their agent can help customers in real time to complete the credit card journey.

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We have done something like video banking in which a video agent connects to the user. If you want that kind of functionality you can connect with @Vikas_Dhillon or @ankit.jain . And co browsing can also be implemented where we can show the Lead status to 2 people at the same time but this will require a bit of development.

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Co-browsing is a collaborative online browsing experience where two or more people can simultaneously navigate a website or web application together. It’s often used for remote assistance, customer support, or collaborative work, allowing participants to see each other’s actions in real-time.

In a banking application, co-browsing can be a valuable feature. Here’s how it can be applied:

  1. Customer Support: Customer support agents can use co-browsing to assist new customers in navigating the onboarding process. They can guide customers through the application forms, account setup, and document uploads in real-time, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience.

  2. Identity Verification:Co-browsing can help verify the authenticity of documents submitted during the onboarding process. Bank representatives can review and validate documents with customers, ensuring compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

  3. Form Completion: Complex or lengthy forms can be challenging for customers. With co-browsing, a bank representative can help customers fill out forms accurately and efficiently, reducing the chances of errors or abandonment.

  4. Education:Banks can use co-browsing to educate customers about various financial products and services during the onboarding process. Representatives can navigate the bank’s website, showing customers relevant information and answering questions in real-time. Cross selling.

One of the vendor provides cobrowsing is

They provide code which needs to be embedded in web page where bank wants cobrowsing and customer can take help from the customer support.


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@Ankit_Rawat Already implemented the same functionality in Kotak CA DIY

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