Passing one API's output to another API

How to Append output of one API to another API in vConnect?


This functionality is used when output of one APIs is needed by another API in sequence.
While configuring the service, user would be able to choose another API, whose output he wants to send as input in another API.

Follow below steps to configure:

  1. Go to vConnect on the vahana developer portal
  2. Create the APIs which you want to be linked in sequence
  3. Go to “Service management” >> “Add New Service”
  4. Enter Service details & Choose “API ExecutionMode” as “Sequence”
  5. Go to “API Registration”
  6. Enter the details of first API to be called from the service.
  7. At the bottom of the screen click on “Add New API”, screenshot below:
  8. In the second API, in the option “Append Output of Another Api”, choose the first API
  9. Submit & SYNC