Parent Child Relationship for Enums

How do I configure parent-child relationships for single-select dropdowns? For example, if there are two dropdowns for selecting a country and a state, how can I set it up so that the selection of a country filters the options available in the state dropdown accordingly?


For this scenario there is a property available in new designer that is Parent Element Id. Check the screenshot for reference:

By using that enum, On selection of the value in Parent dropdown the child will automatically change it’s values accordingly.
Link for details description of properties: Dropdown – Vahana Academy

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In the initial dropdown, users are prompted to pick a country. Following this selection, the second dropdown will display a list of states that correspond to the chosen state.

  • Drop two dropdowns on the canvas.
  • Go to enumeration and make the two enumerations for countries and states.

  • Map the enumerations with their corresponding dropdowns and select the Country Dropdown in the “Parent Element ID” field. Execute the “On Select” task on the “Reload Element” for the country dropdown. This action will trigger a reload of the state dropdown each time a selection is made in the country dropdown.