OCR Element and Call OCR task

What is significance of OCR Element and Call OCR task in Designer 1.0?


This element stands for Optimal Character Recognition. It is one of popular features to capture characters from the image/picture of any document. It captures all types of characters that include alphabet, number, and special characters.

It enables you to convert scanned document into documents with “live text,” aka readable, searchable text that you can change, copy, edit and basically do anything you regularly do to text. As the Offline term represents, Offline OCR will be integrated as SDK in mobile application so that user doesn’t need to call any API or even doesn’t need internet connectivity.

OCR is implemented using camera SDK and requires user to just click a picture of the document for the system to extract the details out of it.
While configuring OCR element, you need to define the document type from which you want to capture the characters. In the property sheet of the OCR element, click the Doc Type list and then select the type of document (For example: - PAN (Permanent Account Number)). After you select the document type, you can capture the characters from the selected document.
Following documents are supported in OCR-

  1. Aadhar
  2. Pan
  3. Driving License
  4. Voting Id
  5. Passport
  6. Business Card

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In Addition to above explanation below is the link for official documentation: