Not Able to download multiple IOS builds on phone

Whenever I try to install multiple iOS builds on my phone, my older app gets updated with the new one. As a result, I cannot have more than one iOS build on my phone that is created through the Download Build Module.

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Hi Nimesh,

This is happening because of the same bundleId is being used in iOS Application which is being created from download section. So if the bundleId is same than the problem you mentioned, will occur.

Reason of doing that, currently we are using Decimal account to create iOS App. There is no option to dynamically add apple account details dynamically now. So as of now some static credentials files has been put on server to build iOS app for static predefined bundle Id.

For production iOS app, It is preferred to take iOS app from L3 support team.

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Thanks, But this can be easily tackled if we can ask the same files from client in portal.

@nimesh.singh please raise it as a feature request