List for the mat icon

Where i can find the list of all the maticons i can use in Vflow


This should do the job

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@DebugHorror thanks for answering but i am searching for a list of icons and what we have to write in Vflow to use it
like i’ve used bookmark_border for
and dashboard for dashboard icon


@Abhinav_mehta Material Icons (Google Fonts) are used in vFlow as mentioned by @DebugHorror

To use these icons follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the mentioned URL.
    Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts

  2. In the search bar, search for the icon keyword. In your case, search for ‘bookmark’ and you will get options related to bookmark.

  3. Choose the desired icon and click on it.

  4. A sidebar will open on the right side where you can find the name of the icon. Copy the name and use it in vFlow.


@DebugHorror @ShraddhaDhoke thanks for the answers