Input Field Mutiple Regex

There are 2 sets of Regex Fields: One under “Basic Properties” and another under “Data.” Are these the same, or is the use of both different?


The one located under “Basic Properties” is the “Regex Restrictor,” meaning that once the user enters a pattern there, they will only be able to input content that matches the given regex pattern.

Conversely, the regex field under the “Data” tab is the “Regex Pattern Validator.” This means that regardless of the pattern the user enters, their input will be matched against that pattern and a corresponding message will be displayed to the user. The user will still be able to input content even if it doesn’t match the specified regex pattern.

Currently, we are in the process of redesigning the UI/UX flow of the Regex fields to provide users with a more intuitive experience.


Does this same configuration also works, if user pastes a random text with invalid characters (not allowed in regex)?

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Hi Vivek,
Yes, it’s work.