How we can preselect value in select element of form?

  1. If we want to preselect first value then We can check the check box in the selected properties.

  2. If we want to preselect another value so create control copy task for this and add data path which we want to presleceted.


If we want to preselect another value In lov

  1. First, we will create a control copy task. In the “Copy from path,” we will specify the data path that we want to show as preselected in the LOV1 to the data path of the Select element. In the “Copy to path,” we will add the form ID and the data path ID where we want to display our preselected data.
  2. Next, we’ll create an “invoke” task. In this task, we will add a “select” element that we want to invoke.
  3. After that, we’ll create an event, and we will add our task to this event.
  4. Finally, we will attach that event to the form component.
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