How we can perform some logic operation on Json Object, is there any module available?

I have two json object source and target, Based on source I have to do some logical operations or I want to do some enrichment on source and put into target object.

How I can do? Is there any ready to use module available or I have to write the code?

Please tell us about the module - vConnect, vDesigner, java etc. The question is too vague.

Yes there is a ready made component available in Decimal to manipulate JSON including some business logic based manipulations.
The module name is

Data Enrichment Engine

You can use this module in this one you can manipulate JSON using the JSON Path.
There are many functions available in it which can help you perform list iteration or logical operations, mathematical operations and many more.

You can also work with two JSON’s in this one like you want in term of Source and Target where you can perform some logical operation and store the result in target.

There is one more powerful feature in Data Enrichment engine that is if there is any complex business logic which need to be executed for manipulating JSON and if you can’t achieve that using available function in DEE then you can feed custom Java script code for that.