How to write BRE in designer 2.0?

How to write BRE suppose i want to show in below image text label Existing and Valid PAN when my pan api gives me how i can do that?


  1. Employ the “Visible/Invisible” task to implement this functionality.

  2. Proceed by selecting the text within the Visible Elements tab and then map it with a Business Rules Engine (BRE).
    Screenshot from 2024-05-02 11-53-19

  3. The BRE rule should be formulated as follows: "text != static(‘’ “, string)”, indicating that the Output text must not be null. Only when this condition is met should the text “Existing and validated PAN” be visible.

  4. Your output will look like this:
    Screenshot from 2024-05-02 11-55-17

And when your output will come then :
Screenshot from 2024-05-02 11-55-29