How to use PV component in vflow?

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@Nikhil.Dhanda could you answer please?

To configure a PV Component

  1. Go to the Component section, and add ACCORDIAN Component

  2. Enter basic details and Add Datasource.

  3. Go to PV Entity, Add/Edit a PV. Enter basic details and Add Datasource.

  4. The Datasource format must be in the form of Array of objects:

  "Customer_Details": [
      "form_id": "FORM_1118",
      "from_name": "FORM-L",
      "form_desc": "used for hr",
      "form_category": "Failure Investigation",
      "status": "Published"

  1. Map this ACCORDIAN Component in the PV Component’s Layout

  2. After creating the PV Component, map this component in the Page Layout.

  3. Additionally, on the Page, Add Datasource as metioned below:


@Anuj_Raj Can you please share some reference images that how does PV Component looks like on front-end.