How to setup vMonitoring?

As we usually say we should use vMonitoring which will send alert when anything goes wrong into our system. It also sends an alert whenever anything goes wrong.

Related to setup of it I have two questions in my mind

  1. If I will just configure the Monitoring and alerting in Vahana then will that start monitoring my all services and microservices?
  2. If I want to use client email id to sends all the alerts then where I have provision to change that?
  3. Do I need to configure VRT microservices for monitoring or are they self monitored and alerted by Vahana?

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If anyone can help here

  1. Yes, it send alerts only on failure.
  2. Related to your #3, nothing is monitored automatically. You need to configure it. :slight_smile:

Please find below steps to understand it better(how it works)

  1. Before configuration of vMonitor, please make sure vMonitor microservice is setup and working as expected. This should be properly configured to read Data & Send Alerts.
  2. Do the configuration on Vahana Cloud Portal & Sync the configuration.
  3. Now, when a service hit is coming on VRT then ESB microservice send an event to Kafka.
  4. vMonitor Microservice read the Kafka Events and validate the success rules as per vMonitor configuration done.
  5. If success rule validation is failed then it calls a vConnect service with relevant data like to whom alert should be sent, what ia alert content, what is subject etc.
  6. Now Project Implementation team can write the logic to send alerts via any mechanism. It can be via Client email api, Client SMTP, VahanaHub.

Hope it helps.


How can we make sure the vMonitoring Microservice is perfectly configured and working as expected. I mean If in my project vMoniroting microservice is up and running also I have configured the Monitoring of Services and Microservices on Vahana but I am not able to see any of the service or microservice in Monitoring section then how Can I debug the issue.

Also, for sending an alerts, do project team need to create a Service which will send alerts if yes then what should be the request and response signature of that API and where I can configure that API so that vMonitoring use that my Service for sending alerts?