How to set up Multilingual in vDesigner 1?

I want my application to support different languages. How can I configure that?


@aakriti.kamboj please reply

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Multilingual Capability allow us to define multiple languages in vDesigner as a configuration
and then translate mobile app into that language. To start with multilingual feature we need
following steps.

  1. Language Manager: Language manager is a place where you can define which languages
    you want to use in your application along with their captions. First define languages & its

  2. Caption Languages: Caption Languages is a section where we define captions for each
    component in multiple languages. Suppose you are using TextField component you define its
    caption like “Enter your Name”.You can also define every languages caption for this
    component like in Hindi “अपना नाम द र्जकरें” and in punjabi "ਆਪਣਾ ਨਾਮ ਦਰਜ ਕਰੋ ".

  3. Task: We have currently two task for this feature and each of them have their use cases,
    so i will explain their behavior based on their implementation.

i. Translate App: This task is required when you want mobile user to select their favorite
language. When this task triggers pop up will appear then user can select his language,
after that whole app will translate into that specific language. You can also define pop
up title and button captions in multilingual.

ii. Change Language: This task is required when you want your app captions appear
in another language by default. No pop up will appear in this case.

Important Tasks parameters:

  1. Reload: If set “Yes” then current page configuration will load immediately.
  2. Multiple Trigger: If set “No” then task will trigger only once until you logout.

You can refer to below link for detailed video and pictorial representation: