How to keep submit button disable in vDesigner untill we fill all the fields in vDesginer

Is it possible to make the submit button disabled in the page in vDesigner until all the validations of fields are validated and once all the validations are fulfilled it will enable automatically, as we can able to do it in vFlow.


In designer, when there is no data in the mandatory field and you click on save then mandatory field messages will be appear.
Example you are having 2 mandatory field on the screen first name , last name and you click on save button then error message will occur like please enter first name and last name, you will not be able to navigate to next screen until you enter mandatory field data.

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No, Right now platform doesn’t provide this kind of feature. However this can be achieved by workaround but it will increase the complexity of the configuration. You need apply duplicate tasks to check the validation flag for each control and then enable disable task of button on Each control.
This is not suggested, Rather going with this you can use the default approach of mobile application which is capturing minimum information on each page or divide it into section or make next field visible after the first field is filled etc.